Tink Sightings

Did you see Tink fly across the sky for the nightly Disneyland fireworks between 1983-2005? Tell us your story.

Send your story to FlyingTink@yahoo.com.
If you have a photo, that would be awesome too.


John N.

"I remember when she came in through Ball Gate with her kids on her "work days". It was a really neat memory. "

Kathy C.

"I always loved when Tink flew in during the fireworks! "

Kelly A.

"I loved to watch her..such anticipation. Why don't they do this anymore. Or Santa, or the yodeling mountain climbers? Liability maybe... "

Erin P.

"Gina made me believe that Tinkerbell was real. Just pure magic, that lady. <3 "

Greg G.

"There used to be video footage of tinker bell slamming into a mattress at the end of her flight. That’s the way they used to stop her. Two men holding a bed mattress. "

Ingrid M.

"So sad that I don't have any pictures with her or of her during her magic flight😭But I have to say that it was so much fun working on the Tink crew, 1989-1992 wardrobe dept, truly a once- in-a-lifetime experience!!🧚 "

Chanel S.

"I love her so much.I can't Imagine the view and what it feels like to soar to the magic castle above the fireworks. I would be much too scared though because I hate heights. Ha ha."

Mari-Ann W.

"I did see Tink go across the wire, I was about 9."

Erin P.

"I absolutely idolized her as a kid. We went weekly and it was my favorite part of my visit."

Amy J.

"I used to cry every time she popped out of the matterhorn I was so in awe of her!"

Michael K.

"I remember meeting her one night at a famous Hollywood restaurant where we talked for hours about her wonderful career at Disneyland. Very nice woman indeed."

Jeff B.

"I knew Gina. I met her a few times while I was at work at Disneyland. We were doing some tree trimming at the Matterhorn. I was saying how I hated heights and she overheard what I said and waited until I climbed off the mountain and she came and intruduced herself. She was really nice. I don't know how she didn't get terrified of heights."

Vickie A.

"Love this story and I did see her fly in 2005. Thought it was awesome. You see Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character "

Tiffany A.

"I watched her growing up as a child and used to dream about someday being Tink ❤ Whenever someone would ask what I wanted to do when I grew up, I said I was going to be Tinker Bell and fly down during the fireworks. In high school I grew too tall for the height requirements and after three kids am far too chubby anyways (my new dream is to be the Fairy Godmother when I'm older ha!), but she's always inspired me and has been my favorite part of the show ever since I was 2 years old. Now I see the magic in my daughter's eyes (who is also 2) when we go to Disney and she sees Tink fly down. Please tell her thank you for me. She was a big part of my childhood going to Disneyland every weekend❤"

Bridget H.

"I worked at the park then too... we'd hurry over to see her,after the landing tower near big thunder was built....to see her being "caught"between 2 mattresses to stop her as she flew in....we dubbed it "tinker toast"...😉"

Laura G.

"When I was in Electrical Parade, my best friend Ronnie and I would change as fast as possible after first parade, so we could race across the park to get perfect viewing spots to watch her fly, or often, to watch her land!!!
She was amazing and beyond graceful. She brought true magic to the role. We both loved her from afar, and she made our teenage nights as young parade dancers so full of joy! 

Somewhere somewhere in the depths of my mom’s house is a vhs video my mom shot of Tink and fireworks from the skyway!!!! God, I wonder where it is? And if it even plays anymore? That might be a project for when I visit at Christmas..... "

Claire Berry G

"I remember my first time watching her when I was just a bitsy, there's a picture somewhere in my folk's albums of the moment, and watching her last flight. You could always tell when it was Gina. A bunch of us from Attractions, GC, and security stood where we could see her hit the mattress her last flight and a bunch of us bawled like babies. Tearing up right now just thinking about it. One of my most treasured memories that working at the park afforded me. #mytinkerbell "

Robert B

"I worked security at Disneyland for a couple of years in the middle 80’s.  I used to bring guests/friends behind the shooting gallery to watch Tink slam into the mattress at the conclusion of her flight.  It was always amazing to me that with all of the sophisticated technology used in the park, they made poor Tink slam into a mattress in order to stop her momentum.  These were good times though and I was always in awe of Gina and the guts it took to do that every night.  Thanks for the memories!"

Adel G

"Hello Gina. Iv'e  recently listened to your story on the Civil Engineering Podcast and wanted to reach out and tell you that you've inspired me to continue to learn new things and not be afraid to try out new things. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us."


Lovely Review From A Fan - Michele


Michele received 3 autographs from Tink and had this to say...

Gina "Tink", 

I really thought you might enjoy seeing my little girl when she was my Tinker Bell.  She was 4, back in 2003. We picked up the costumes when we went to Disneyland in August that year.  My son was Captain Hook. 

I just love her face when shes opening the lollypop.  Her name is Lauren, She'll be 19 in September.  And my angel Christopher, forever 16.

I hope Gina enjoys seeing her.  Lauren was the absolute perfect mini Tink. 

Thank you  again,